Adoratio and the GreenTecAwards

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Since 2008 the GreenTecAwards have been putting the issue of environmental protection into the spotlight and award the best innovations of the year. This is where the Who-is-Who of the Green Economy meets.

We are participating as partners in this event.

Numerous projects have fascinated us so that in the future we would like to support some of them directly. For this we have developed a chocolate in which everything is brought to the point: 100% nature meets 100% taste! Sweet, sour, salty and aromatic - a firework of nature as a creative fire for the head!

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The proceeds of each GreenTec chocolate are donated € 1.50 in the sense of the GreenTec Awards for the preservation of nature and wildlife.  The amount collected will be handed over to the initiators the following year.

In addition, we produce 70% of our chocolate with self-generated solar energy. We receive 100% of our packaging on a regional basis. 100% of our employees come from the region. 100% women's and chocolate-friendly workplace is our claim.

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