The founders

"We want to make chocolates with a pure delicate character"

Susanne Engler

Gründungsmitglied S. Engler

Susanne Engler is a sociologist by education. She liked to indulge her secret enthusiasm for chocolate while she was studying.
But there was one thing, she noticed very often: the chocolates were much too sweet! The cocoa aromas, vanilla and other ingredients are squeezed by the sweetness.
That should be possible in a different way.

Moritz Hitzer

Gründungsmitglied M. Hitzer

When Moritz Hitzer met his Susi in 2007, it was clear that they were two persons whose kingdom of heaven consisted of chocolate.

Experiments with block chocolate, butter, green tea, cream and alcohol were common in the domestic kitchen.

For this little spinning all friends were thrilled by the creations. Seminars and courses have been part of the leisure time. Countries were visited and linked to specialist trade fairs. At this time everything was still a hobby.

At the beginning of 2009 the decision was made to turn the hobby a profession. One of the last professional chocolatiers gave the opportunity to be initiated into the art of praline production. The dream became even more real with the establishment and expansion of the production.

Since the very beginning it was important to use pure and organic ingredients for this hand-crafted chocolate.