The Adoratio Schokoladenkunst Naschwerk GmbH & Co. KG is the first bio-certified chocolate-factory in Saxony. It is located in the idyllic village of Thürmsdorf on the edge of beautiful Saxon Switzerland.

Thürmsdorf is a state-approved resort ​​and was first mentioned in 1420. Our sweet delicacies are hand-crafted in a small vault below the castle of Thürmsdorf, nearby the famous Malerweg.

The idea

Like most people in the world, we love the taste of chocolate! In fact, over the years, we have become veritably addicted to chocolate. Everywhere we discovered new chocolate specialities, we had to taste them. Everything we could sensually experience, we absorbed and tested.

In 2007, we went boldly for the first time to develop our own recipes, in which not only traditional methods should be echoed, but also modern insights of our time. The path was long, but at the same time sweet and enjoyable.
In our small kitchen we fought and argued for the culinary peak. Friends and family members became test persons. Numerous seminars, trade fairs and impressions from foreign countries shaped our lives.
In the beginning of 2009 our passionate hobby finally became serious.We commenced to establish a chocolate production based on an organic certification.
In Christmas season 2009 we opened our first store in Pirna on Kirchgasse 1, immediately at the market square.
Our chocolate creations became very quickly popular among the inhabitants of Pirna and Dresden and, thus, rewarded our courage.

Since our first handcrafted chocolate we have been constantly improving and developing our own style.

We regard chocolate not only as a pleasure, but as a raw material given us by nature in order to awaken moments of happiness, childhood memories and joy in life.

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